HAPPY 2023!

Reality in our own image

Happy New Year from Guido

This past year has once again presented us with the constant fragmentation of opinions in a country and world that seems intent on constructing multiple realities. Each built in our image and liking, we seem unable to find common ground even in the most obvious and self-evident truths.

This thought has been the inspiration for this year’s wishes and illustration, the simple geometries which are found in Los Angeles’ architecture. The parking lot, the brightly colored buildings with oversized graphics.  These ordinary elements are enhanced by the clear blue sky, sliced by the jetliner trails, and punctuated by the ever-present palm trees. All of it in a light which seems to charge every color in a rich warm glow, so unique and so special.

We hope this image will bring a renewed interest in the importance of communication in a thriving society and culture. One that is free, honest, and respectful of other perspectives.

And with this message, I wish you a fabulous new year and the successful pursuit of everything you wish for.

All the best,