Happy 2022 to Everyone!

Yup! This is our floor.

Again, after another challenging year, the inspiration for this year’s illustration came from the ordinary things in our lives, most of which we simply take for granted.

The control panel of a commercial elevator is a marvel of simplicity, the ideal interface for the complex task of delivering people and cargo to different parts of a building. Logical, sturdy, standardized, modular, accessible to the disabled, a triumph of functional design, and we’re just talking about the buttons pad! I did take some license in my illustration, but most of the hardware is true to the original.

We hope this image will bring a renewed interest on the myriad of instances where functional design impacts our lives, but most of all we hope that it will be fun reminder of the importance good design has in our lives, personal and collective.

And with this message, we wish you a fabulous new year and the successful pursuit of everything you wish for.