Promoting a Documentary about La Dolce Vita

Arietta Cinematografica Presents:
“The Truth About La Dolce Vita”
by Giuseppe Pedersoli

About the project

The need was to create a brief, concise pitch deck that would be used to present this fantastic documentary to international buyers. We chose to keep with the original poster’s palette and create a layout that would highlight the aesthetics of post-war Italy.

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Giuseppe “Peppino” Amato, the man who helped define Italian cinema

A central figure of Italian cinema between the 20’s and 60’s, Giuseppe Amato was one of the influential players in Italian film production. A sensitive, intuitive and adventurous producer, can boast several masterpieces of Italian neorealism in his long list of credits. Classic titles such as: “Umberto D”, “Francesco Giullare di Dio”, “Don Camillo” and “The facts of murder”, to name a few. An elegant and charming man devoted to the art of filmmaking both an actor and as a director first, and to ultimately become great catalyst of Italian cinema.

The highlight of his forty-year career is carefully reconstructed in this docudrama, explaining why he was the only producer in Italy to understand the importance and extraordinary nature of the movie: ”La Dolce Vita” a larger than life gamble that created a myth, but that also came at great personal expense.