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Brand Development
Communications Strategy
Creative Management
Media Relations
Strategic Planning
Market Analysis


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Retail Concepts Development
Special Events Materials
Photo Shoot Production
Photography Styling
Photo Retouching and Post-Production
Interactive Media
Video Production


Front-end Development
WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Mailchimp, Shopify
Mobile-Ready/Responsive Design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Domain Management
Social Media Marketing
Google Analytics
Google Adwords Campaigns


Strategic planning seems easy when viewed in retrospect, not quite as linear when approached in the early stages of the project. Consider an existing model as a viable solution, perhaps there’s something to learn from what is already out there.

“How you look is not always how they see you.”

Strategy makes
hard things
look easy.

At Ethos Factory, we are always on the lookout for new initiatives and best practices being implemented in key markets. We study and analyze them to learn what works and why. This helps us to develop effective models and strategies that can serve as clear roadmaps to success.

Our team of experts can provide you with valuable know-how to develop a clear strategy that takes into account all the necessary elements and draws from successful examples. It’s important to remember that sometimes, it’s more useful to acknowledge the fact that you may not need to reinvent the wheel, but rather build on what has already been proven to work.


As many of us know, the importance of branding can be summed up in one term: Continuity. It is readily accepted by companies and consumers alike as a desirable trait, is some cases with a cult-like fascination, however it’s become increasingly difficult to achieve.

“Every brand tells a story, which one is yours.”

Branding is all
about continuity.

Successful branding strategies are able to maintain their focus and personality across a wide variety of mediums and in very different executions. From packaging to viral and social campaigns the message has to be consistent to resonate with the user, otherwise much of the effort is lost in the sea of content competing for attention.

Ethos Factory can help you plan your brand strategy and development across all the communications platforms, harmonizing all the elements and resulting in a manageable, intuitive, and logical path for each program to follow.


In today’s media landscape, there are a multitude of platforms available for companies and individuals to engage with their audience. From traditional websites to micro-sites, blogging, and micro-blogging, to interactive and streaming video, and viral content, the challenge is how to coordinate and integrate these channels seamlessly.

“You’re never too rich for a discount.”

To achieve this, it’s crucial to provide meaningful editorial content that resonates with the audience and encourages interaction across all critical markets. This approach requires a deep understanding of the new role that consumers have defined for themselves as active participants in the content they consume.

Digital media has become a crossroads for content.

At Ethos Factory, we recognize the importance of this shift in paradigm and are continually evolving our approach to digital media. We stay up to date with cutting-edge techniques and best practices to ensure that our clients have a comprehensive and integrated digital strategy that leverages the latest technology and engages their audience on multiple fronts.